Hand Held Terminal

Understanding the need to have an advanced mechanism, Prescient has introduced a Bus Ticketing Machine with sophisticated features and performance. This contemporary machine is used to give tickets to bus passengers. Additionally, the device can be connected to computer and download data and can receive various related reports from it.

The reports generated from Bus Ticketing Machine are:
  • Trip Sheet
  • Ticket Details
  • Stage Wise Reports
  • Concessions Reports
  • Refund Reports
  • Status Reports
  • Collection Reports
  • Toll Tax Reports
  • Night Out Reports
  • Erase Data Reports


  • Processor: Arm Processor Cortex8 running at 540Mhz, 128Mb DDR2 Ram
  • Micro SD slot: 4GB
  • Display: Mono Graphic LCD display with minimum 128 x 64 pixels
  • Key Pad: 30 nos Alphanumeric key board having capability of 1million operations
  • Printer: Thermal Printer 2” Inch
  • Paper: Roll size to print at least 200 tickets per roll. Fast speed
  • Battery: Minimum of 300/500 recharges life-cycle for battery cells. More than 8-10 hours of operation with single full charge.
  • Power & Battery Control: Soft touch power on-off control for easy operation. Automatic & intelligent power shutdown for extended operation.
  • Communication Ports: RS232/USB port for PC connectivity.
  • Optional : GSM/GPRS Modem for wireless data transfer
  • Charger: AC Intelligent Charger working from 140 to 280 volts
  • Weight: 500 gm(Approx)
  • Size: 220 X 85 X 45mm
  • Warranty: The warranty will be for 1 year as per standard norms. Warranty for hardware & software, including battery and printer.