Migration And Re-engineering

Prescient 's re-engineering and migration service helps clients to consolidate on fewer platforms and integrate applications more effectively. We take into consideration the constant changes in technology. We formulate application architectures designed to increase the portability of your application to future platforms.

Prescient improves the value of old, legacy systems by re-engineering them to enhance functionality and maintainability. We improve the performance of applications so that they exceed performance benchmarks

Prescient 's experience in delivering migrations and re-engineering solutions include:

  • Migration from legacy systems to open environments
  • Language and data migrations
  • Porting across language platforms
  • Web-enabling of legacy software
  • Re-engineering of legacy systems to client/server systems

Our consultants are experienced in a variety of technologies. They have multiple skill-sets and can be at short notice deployed to cross-platform, re-engineering, and migration projects. Our consultants have expertise in languages, environment of legacy platforms, web technologies, and object oriented methodology.