Delivery Models

The dream of every organization is to have a dedicated IT delivery team. A team that understands their business and technology, and a team that can be quickly changed in size without administrative overheads, personifies Prescient 's resource pool. We manage and enable the team with the infrastructure required. This effectuates delivery of high-quality cost-effective solutions.

Prescient has setup offshore development centers for many clients across the globe. We partner with our clients to invest in replicating their IT environments, and training our teams. Our partnership extends further; we cooperate to set up communication & security systems. We integrate our development processes with that of our clients to ensure that our offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of our clients' development facilities. We also invest in creating a pool of additional resources that can be used to augment the team at any time.

In addition, we have in place a system that optimizes employee productivity. The system affords our clients attractive long-term rates. One can easily verify what rates we offer to our clients on a long-term basis.

In India, Prescient can establish and manage your dedicated offshore development center to develop IT solutions, and maintain application and systems.

This Ensures:

  • On Time On Budget Deliveries: Prescient has a proven track record in offshore development and maintenance with clients across the globe.
             Prescient delivers projects on time and on budget 80% of the time as opposed to a global average of 25%.
  • Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Up: The client can leverage the ready infrastructure provided by Prescient ODCs to jump-start its projects.
             This substantially shortens lead time for project start-up.
  • Significant Cost Advantage: Prescient Offshore Development Model provides cost savings of up to 45-50% as compared to an in-house execution.
  • Leverage Strong Project Management Expertise: Prescient brings strong Project Management expertise with a highly experienced team of project managers
  • Leverage Highest Quality Standards: Prescient has processes operating at the highest possible software development quality. This ensures minimum error rate and negligible rework.
  • Access To Diversified Pool of Skilled Professionals: Our clients have direct access to a large pool of software engineers with diverse programming skill sets and expertise
  • Shortened Development Cycles: Our clients get extended working hours because of the time difference between India and other geographical locations. For example, in case of US,
             work happens on a 24-hour basis due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US. Yesterday evening’s problem actually gets converted to today morning’s solution!
  • The Location Advantage: Prescient Offshore development Centers offer you the ability to seamlessly leverage India’s high-quality software engineering talent at low cost structures.

Prescient combines offshore and onsite execution seamlessly in an innovative manner, and provides an optimum combination of services. This reduces costs and cycle times. Our solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements. They offer best value for money.

  • Onsite Projects:
    Software development services at Clients' facilities with client's infrastructure.
  • Offsite Projects:
    Software development services at closest to client location.
  • Offshore Projects:
    Software development services at Prescient ’s state of the art offshore centers at Mumbai, India.

Activities during the software development life cycle (SDLC), which involve extensive interaction with the user, are usually provided on-site at the customer's location. However, after the function or design specifications are made clear, the activities are typically moved offshore. Acceptance Testing and Implementation of the systems are done at client's site.