• Aware is a multilingual end to end solution that offers complete Remote Analytic, Monitoring and Control.
  • It allows day to day monitoring and management of infrastructure from a remote location using Remote Operation Center, Data and voice connectivity, Enterprise Management Tools and Remote Service Desk.
  • Aware is designed to remotely manage and monitor various GSM Stations / Transformer Stations / Warehouse / Weather Stations / Power Station Monitoring / Smart Grid Monitoring / Oil and Gas pipelines monitor / Energy saving street lights control / Control Room etc.
  • We know that keeping track and up to date maintenance is time-consuming and frustrating task. To avoid this, our engineers spent months designing aware software to be the most user-friendly program created.
  • AWARE Features

    Realtime Monitoring

    • Event data display on trend analysis graph to know possible cause for a surge on graph corresponding to the surge time.
    • Preventive maintenance reminder can reduce burden on O&M or assets in charge.
    • Camera interfaced with the RTU, sending compressed images over GPRS.
    • Display on single screen Multiple RTU real time data for view at a glance.

     Instant Response

    • One can query current status of a site by sending predefined SMS to central server, event response will be sent back by SMS to the originator of the request.
    • User definable Report Builder can come as a handy tool for generating ad-hoc reports, export data for further processing in ERP, OSS.

     Easy Configuration

    • Based on Rule engine configuration, an action request message will be sent by server application to SIM card number configured for site requiring action intimation based on events generated/happened. For example, temperature & humidity for a site overshoots the set limit and the corresponding action is to turn on AC, the rule engine on receipt of such values will generate instructions to turn on AC as events configured, similar results can be achieved by OTA.
    • Over the Air programming of the RTU, this can avoid visit of technician for minor updates to the RTU.
    • Operations Support Systems (OSS) Interface for further Analytic.
    • NOC interface based on availability of API.

     Easys to use Interface

    • Preventive maintenance reminder can reduce burden on O&M or assets in charge.
    • Multilingual (Chinese and Indian Languages) support.


    Asset Management System
    • RFID Tags on Assets
    • On demand scanning
    • Inventory
    Battery Management System
    • Battery Health Monitors
    • Intimation for Replacement or Servicing
    • Increased Battery life
    Energy Management System
    • Gather all source of Energy data from Mains/DG/UPS/Solar/Wind
    • Data Mining
    • Save Opportunity
    • Value Add Services
    Fuel Management System
    • Fuel Tank Problem
    • DG Run hours
    • Fuel Add
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Avoid Pilferages
    • Analysis & Control
    • Billing Module
    • Maintenance
    • Access Control
    • Avoid Pilferages
    • Process Optimization