Employee Referral Program

    Who is Eligible to Participate?

    Any employee on Prescient Infotech, Inc. payroll can participate with the exception of the Prescient Infotech, executive staff, employees in the Human Resources Department, and direct or indirect supervisors of the designated job opening.

    What positions are bonus eligible?

    Any full time or part-time position that has been posted on the Prescient Infotech, Inc. website is bonus eligible for $500 to $1500 based upon the position hired.

    How do I refer someone?

    Your referral should complete an Employee Referral Bonus Form and submit it with the application at the time they complete the application for employment (this can be done as late as the new employee's first day of work). Only candidates referred from external sources qualify for the bonus. Anyone who has worked for Prescient Infotech, Inc. within the last twelve months does not qualify as bonus eligible candidates. This includes regular, student, as well as employees working at Prescient Infotech, Inc. through a temporary agency or as an independent consultant.

    When do I receive the bonus?

    You will receive your bonus after the new employee has worked 90 consecutive business days. Both you and the new employee must be employed by Prescient Infotech, Inc. at the time of the bonus payment.