Our SAP global delivery center was established in 2006 with an objective to provide state-of-the art, innovative, SAP-centric value added solutions and services to its global customers. Our SAP practice brings deep Domain knowledge and expertise in various Verticals, to deliver a wide range of SAP solutions and services that enable customers to improve their business processes and make them more efficient. We offer business consulting, technology and outsourcing services with a commitment to add value to its every single customer. Our wide range of SAP solutions and services that we offer is backed by our people with a strong domain knowledge and vast experience that cuts across industries and technologies. This allows us to build teams that are most suitable to deliver best in class practices and solutions that meet your specific business needs.

SAP Implementation

Today, customers are increasingly looking for enterprise solutions that not only support their critical business processes and minimize risks but also deliver fast ROI and lead to low cost of ownership. Prescient helps organizations to tap the full potential of SAP applications suite in optimum timelines and in the most cost-effective manner.

Our own SAP implementation framework is designed around SAP best practices, own proven methodology, industry templates, value added solutions and various available software tools. This framework is backed by its qualified consultants with deep domain knowledge and SAP expertise across a wide array of industry verticals.

Prescient SAP framework is scalable and can deliver SAP implementation projects for SMEs and big corporate business as well. Similarly, it is the same framework that can be used for stand-alone SAP implementations or for global template definition and its subsequent roll-outs across continents.

Our methodology covers all aspects of SAP implementation including project management and delivery. It specifies phase wise deliverables, along with the quality gates, and also the start/end criteria for each of the phases. It also lays down the standards, templates, procedures and QA processes that can be adopted/customized for the project.

Prescient has a knowledge inventory consisting of industry templates, solutions and tools that help its customers in completing SAP implementation within short timelines and at optimum costs.

SAP Upgrade

For organizations today, SAP has become the IT backbone. It necessitates significant investment to install, implement, and maintain and also demands regular investments to remain current and operational. However, with changes in business environments and industry standards, CIOs face enormous pressure to cater to the demands of business in the most cost-effective way. Many CIOs believe that SAP upgrade is a direct and efficient solution to address several of these.

To successfully execute an upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 in a short time with as little downtime as possible, it is essential to map out a well-defined upgrade strategy. The upgrade strategy has a great effect not only on upgrade project duration and effort, but also on the immediate ROI of the upgrade.

Prescient recommends a two-stage upgrade: technical upgrade followed by a functional upgrade. This approach reduces the risk and allows a staged introduction of functionality at the pace most suitable for the business.

Prescient has developed its own methodology and tools that help customers to choose a correct upgrade strategy, identify in advance the impact of upgrade on current landscape, both technical and functional, identify and mitigate risks associated with the upgrade. Our prior upgrade experience and SAP expertise has ensured timely, successful and cost-effective SAP upgrades for its customers worldwide.

SAP Application Management

High maintenance cost of skilled SAP support staff, lack of internal best practices, challenges involved in ensuring timely and reliable service delivery are forcing organizations to outsource SAP Application Management. With deep domain knowledge, SAP expertise and proven methodology, Prescient offers SLA based service model that helps organizations to reduce the cost of ownership of SAP applications, focus on core capabilities and improve business performance.

At Prescient, SAP Application Management includes:

Help Desk Support: Help desk coverage for level 0 and level 1 support to SAP users in your organization.

Functional and Technical Support: Our qualified SAP consultants with deep domain knowledge and SAP expertise across a wide array of industry verticals assist business process owners in business process improvement initiatives. Our experience and expertise extends across entire SAP application suite (such as ECC, BI and CRM etc.). Similarly, the technology competence of our consultants spans across SAP as well as Web technologies.

System Administration: Our system administration teams monitor SAP system performance, ensure systems availability, optimize capacity utilization, manage SAP transports and perform all the required corrective and routine maintenance activities.

Advantages At Prescient

  • SLA based high quality, guaranteed user satisfaction
  • Access to un-matched SAP expertise
  • Choice of service levels: Pick any one or more from Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 support
  • Flexible support timings: 24X7, 12X5, 8X5
  • Need based commercials: Fixed Cost, Cost per ticket, Cost per seat, Cost per instance