e-Servilliance And Security

Remote Monitoring, Analytics & Control System developed by Prescient, aims to optimize overall equipment efficiency thus reducing man power and operating costs.

RMA & CS consists of Remote Monitoring System (RTU) Hardware & Advanced Warning and Reporting Engine (AWARE) Software.RTU monitors field digital & analog parameters, controls & communicates with AC Energy Meters, SMPS based Power plants, Solar Charge Controllers & Diesel Generators through RS485 port and transmits all data to a central monitoring station (AWARE).The RTU works on a communication backbone of GSM/GPRS, CDMA & Ethernet networks, alternatively SMS Messages over GSM/CDMA.

For important events, such as temperature, DG diesel consumption & power consumption, a time stamped event pattern can be monitored and informed. Cell-phone numbers can be configured into “Escalation Matrix” for the various events. RMS stores the data locally in the absence of GPRS/Ethernet Network and updates to central server once the Network connection is restored.