Secondary Sales Force Automation

This case study is to exhibit our capability of developing such a solution and domain knowledge we have. A new need based application will be developed on similar business requirement.

Client: confidential

About Company:

Established in 1958, Company ABCD are the largest pencil manufacturer in India. Besides being a household name in India, their brands are exported to over 50 countries. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing units with latest machinery set up daily produce 8 million pencils, 1.5 million sharpeners, 2.5 million erasers, 0.2 million scales, 1 million pens..

With over 300 products, 750 sales force, 30 sales depot and over 2,500 distributors across India, they are confident, their products are avaiable across India. To accomplish, objective of the company is to make sure all outlets are visited by sales person based on frequency of visits required and followed by timely delivery..

With ever increasing competition from China and local brands, ABCD sales directors has clear vision to make their products always available to consumers everywhere in India at any given point of time. Which is possible only if sales orders are captured on time and supplied to outlet before stocks are over. To accomplish these objectives, ABCD provide very good incentives to sales team based on target accomplishment at all levels of Sales Team, right from top to bottom.

Old System

Earlier web based solution developed by us over a decade ago n

New System

We developed entire new application with optimization of database to utilize latest features of dot net technology and MS SQL RDBMS. Technology used: MVC, Entity framework, Razor, jTable, jQuery, Ajax, jSon, MS SQL server, ASP.NET, C#.

Main modules of the browser based Secondary Sales Force Automation core application are:

1. Linkages: This module is used to establish various linkages between like:
  • SF to SF
  • SF to RDS
  • Route-Outlet
  • SF to SF
  • SF to RDS
  • Route-Outlet
  • RDS-Town
  • Route-Town
  • Location-State,
  • SF to SF
  • Location- District
  • Location-Town
  • SF Territory-RDS
  • SF Territory-SF etc.
2. Actions: This modules facilitates various actions like:
  • RDS related automations
  • RDS Location\Name and Code Change, RDS Other Changes, RDS Blocking / Unblocking
  • SF Resignation, Sales Force Transfer, SF Blocking / Unblocking
  • Route Actions: Route Transfer, Route Merge, Route Other Change, Route Closure.
  • Outlet Actions, Transfer, Name Change, Other Change, Closure, Rearrange.
3. Sales Force Planning:
  • Permanent Journey Cycle
  • PJC HQ (Head Quarter)
  • PJC-HQ/UP (Head Quarter/ Up Country)
  • Tentative Tour Plan (TTP).
  • Monthly Tour Plan (MTP).
4. Secondary Sales Transactions
  • Daily Sales Report (DSR)
  • RDS Direct Sale (RDS RO)
  • RDS Physical Stock
  • RDS Stock Transfer
  • Rectification Entry
  • Authorization to Deviation
  • Authorization to Deviated Orders
  • Authorization to Deviated RDS Stocks
  • Authorization to Deviated RDS RO,
  • Authorization to Deviated RDS RO
5. Journey Cycle Processing / YTD Processing
  • JC Processing
  • JC Process
  • JC Exception Authorisation
  • JC Process Freezing
  • YTD Processing
  • YTD Process
  • YTD Process Freezing
6. Senior SF Planning & Route Working
  • Senior SF MTP
  • Senior SF DSR
7. Budgeting
8. Incentive /Appraisal

Android Mobile Interface (under implementation):
  • A big step to move away from paper DSR, Stock etc. to mobile based interface.
  • Different app for different set of users like, SF, SS, ASM, RDS, Depot etc.
  • A real time notification (even if user is logged out of application) is sent to the concerned person
  • Mobile offline mode (when data network is unavailable) facilitates SF to capture order even in remote location when data network is unavailable additionally one can upload daily transaction whenever data is available.
  • On daily sync., all latest scheme, promotions, new product images, new rate list and daily route to be covered is populated on the mobile of SF, SS etc.
  • Facility to capture latitude and longitude position of each outlet will facilitate outlet mapping on google maps which in turn will track SF movement on selected route, time etc.
    Such data can be handy to settle travel claims.
  • At one glance one can view on large screens all company sales persons on field.
  • RDS module will allocate from available stock against fresh order booking/supply and so updated all the time.